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  • Rachael Scott

    I’d just like to say that the Backer Homes team we worked with was just excellent. They were very enthusiastic, dedicated and their commitment was just superb. They made it a smooth experience for us in what was at times a difficult task.

  • Chris and Paula Miller

    My wife and I were very impressed with your attentiveness, honesty, communication and advice throughout the entire process. For anyone, selling a house can become a stressful occurrence but you have helped us in making it as smooth as possible

  • Liev Parker

    The home I had had many problems. Unlike others it was not an easy home to sell. I was very happy with the final price. Backer Homes’ service level was extremely high and was totally devoted to getting me the best price possible. I would recommend Backer Homes to everybody.

  • Alexander Paul Thomas

    First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to your team for their efforts, support and help. I would also like to appreciate them for their honesty and professionalism. The agents always kept me updated and well informed and seemed happy to answer any questions I had. Backer Homes gets my full recommendation.

  • Joshua Lee

    Finally, close of the sale! Thank you so much backer homes. Absolute recommendation.

  • Joshua Lee

    Finally, close of the sale! Thank you so much Backer Homes. Absolute recommendation

  • Maria Robinson

    Thank you so much for buying our house. Your professionalism and offer was very good.

  • Jon Davis

    It was a very difficult decision for us to sell our home, especially when it’s the home of our parents, who worked very hard to build it. It was an emotional and tough task, but Backer Homes helped and supported us in every possible way.

  • Richard Hill, NJ

    Your agent (John) seemed very knowledgeable and excellent. He understands the real estate markets very well. He gave his best. I will definitely recommend him!

  • Zoe and Keith Livingston, TX

    With your expertise and knowledge, your team made a strong positive impression on us. We really enjoyed the quality of professionalism that you provide.

  • Jason Ramirez

    We will undoubtedly recommend Backer Homes to our friends. From the moment we first contacted them until the closure of the deal they were just awesome. We were provided with really great agents. It was our house to sell, but it looked like they were selling their own house. They made sure that we got the best deal possible. It was a great experience for us to work with them. We will definitely recommend Backer Homes to anyone who requires such a great team.