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We buy all kinds of houses where the owner is looking for a quick sale under less-than-ideal conditions. And we fully understand that you may be going through a very difficult time in your life. We’ll work with you to help you through the process and provide you with access to our specialists throughout the network we have built in the real estate industry.

There are no direct or indirect costs involved in the transaction and no hidden fees in the contract. We’ll provide you with immediate liquidity, and the price that you accept is what you will receive. We won’t deduct anything from that amount.

In addition to not charging transaction fees, we also don’t charge a commission for buying the home from you. This is the difference between real estate agents and what we are, which is real estate investors. We invest in distressed properties in order to yield long- term returns and then sell those properties when market conditions improve.

We have strong ties with financial institutions, including banks and mortgage companies. In addition to making you an offer on your property, we’ll assist you in your interactions with your financial institution, which may help you avoid a foreclosure.

Although we try to make sure the deal goes through as quickly as possible, there are a number of factors to consider, including the state of the property, negotiations, the time frame for completing the process, and so on. We understand that your finances may be limited at this point in time, so we will always do our best to communicate with you quickly and transparently so you’re aware of any issues that may arise during the process. A typical transaction may take days or even weeks, but the timing will usually depend on the condition of the property and other factors.

Any offer we make is legally non-binding, but please be assured that we will provide our best offer, taking into account the condition of the property, current market prices, and other factors. However, it’s up to you to accept or reject our offer or request further negotiations. In any case, we ask that you move forward with the sale only after you are comfortable with our offer and sure that it’s beneficial for you.

Yes, you can sell a property that is currently occupied by you or your tenants, and we’ll include any rental income in our considerations on price. If you’re currently living in your home, one option may be to pay rent, instead, and continue to live there after we purchase the property.

It’s a sad fact of life nowadays, but you’re not alone; thousands of people are facing the same difficult situation you’ve found yourself in. Try to remember that this is just a low point in your life, and you’re taking the right steps to make improvements. And remember that we’ll be right there beside you to smooth the way — after all, this is what we’ve been doing for over a decade.