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When you want to leave your mortgage behind

Since the housing bubble burst, many homeowners have found that they’re making monthly payments for homes that are worth much less than the amount of their mortgage — that is, they’re underwater. They may even ask for a loan modification that will lower their monthly payments but be unable to get one. And the situation can be even worse when they’ve undergone changes in employment, or have had medical emergencies or other financial problems. Some families have found that they’re unable to sell their homes for reasons beyond their control; maybe the neighborhood has changed for the worse since they bought the home, and they’re stuck with paying for a home they no longer want to live in.

In these circumstances, many people also avoid making needed repairs because of the expense, which simply compounds the problem if they do attempt to sell the house. At some point, keeping the house becomes impossible, and leaving both home and mortgage behind is the only sensible solution.

If this is the problem you’re facing, we can help you. If you’ve come to understand that it’s time to walk away from your home and the expenses that go with it, give us a call or complete our form here. Our specialists have helped people just like you for over a decade, and we’ll buy your home regardless of the condition it’s in. We understand that life circumstances change, and we’ll help you regain the peace of mind that can come with walking away from home ownership — even if only for now.