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Structural Issues

One problem that homeowners frequently face is structural issues, which usually develop over time. These generally fall into two categories: structural damage indoors and structural damage outdoors.
Indoor problems are usually related to simple wear and tear, such as doors going slightly off kilter and becoming hard to open or close, cracks appearing in window frames, baseboards getting chipped, and so on. Outdoor damage refers to cracks in the outer walls, paint chipping, cracked gutters, and so on. These issues are usually due to weather, and particularly extensive periods of rain or drought, as well as extreme heat and heavy snowfall.
Included in the outdoor category is problems in the house’s foundation. These problems usually appear over time, and they vary according to the type of foundation on which the house is built. A wooden foundation is more likely to develop problems than a concrete slab will.
Many homeowners decide to sell their old home because of these structural problems — and then find out that no one wants to buy a damaged house. But we’ll buy it, and we take structural damage very seriously. When we take your problem house off your hands, our team of experts will go to work and make all needed repairs before putting it back on the market. When you’re ready to make your move, simply fill out the form below and we’ll provide you with a non-binding cash offer.