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Moving to a new location

Maybe you’ve found that your current job doesn’t offer the challenges — or the income — that make it worth staying where you are. Or maybe you’ve been offered a new position at your current employer, but it means moving to a new location.

As if those situations aren’t complicated enough, relocating adds even more challenges. You not only need to sell your current home, you also need to find a new place to live in your new location — but handling two monthly mortgage payments is not Just  feasible.

In addition, it’s not always easy to sell an older home. Many buyers simply aren’t interested in a home that may have some structural problems, for instance, and in any case, finding a new home that’s suitable for your family is also time-consuming.

We can help. At Backer Homes, we have helped many families over the last decade to more easily transition to their new location. Whether you’re trying to sell your old home or buy your new one — or both — or you’re looking to rent a home until you’re sure you’ll be staying in your new job or city, we can help you find the residence you’re looking for. Just complete our contact form here, and one of our relocation specialists will be in touch, ready to help you through this new and exciting stage in your life.