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You just want to sell your house

Many people buy and sell houses according to market conditions. They’re usually investors who are in it to turn a profit, and they may have many properties. When the market is up, they sell; when it’s down, they buy more properties.

But what happens when you have too many properties to keep up with? Maybe one of the homes you own is some distance away and it’s fallen off your radar. When you go to take a look at it, you find that it’s suffered storm damage,  and the roof needs to be repaired because that old oak tree came down on it. Or there’s water damage from the river you thought was far enough from the house to not be a problem.

Extensive repairs like these are costly, and you may not want the expense. But at Backer Homes, we routinely handle such issues. Over the past decade, we’ve helped people in these situations who simply want to get rid of a property the quickest and easiest way possible. Give us a call or complete our form here, and we’ll provide you with a non-binding cash offer that will let you leave your problem property behind you for good.