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Houses need repairs, particularly minor ones, over time. That’s just a fact. Humidity and sunlight can affect the outside painted surfaces; wooden floors may begin to warp. Even if you’ve taken good care of your home, over time it will need at least cosmetic touchups, especially if you’re planning to sell.

The bigger question is, how much are you prepared to put into fixing up your home? An exterior paint job is costly, unless you’re planning to do it yourself. And replacing parquet flooring is equally expensive. And if you need more substantial repairs, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth the time and cost.

Fortunately, we can solve that problem for you quickly: we’ll buy your house, regardless of the condition or repairs that it needs. Backer Homes has been helping homeowners for over a decade, relieving them of the responsibility of making needed repairs and touchups — and even better, buying their homes for cash, quickly. Just complete the form here, and we’ll take on the headache of repairing your home so you can walk away with peace of mind.