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When you’ve lost your job

It happens every day, in every city, in every state: Someone goes in to work with a job, and goes back home unemployed. The sad truth is that many companies are downsizing, cutting their expenses through cutting their workforce. What happens when the person it happens to is you?

Typically, the newly unemployed begin to scramble for ways to stay afloat — pick up a part-time job, cut back on expenses, take the bus to save on gas money. But when that’s not enough, and it often isn’t, more difficult decisions come into play. One decision may be that it’s time to sell your home, and it’s a tough decision to make.

But the alternative is worse. If you’re not making your mortgage payments, your bank can step in and take your home — and if you have a family, that’s not a very pleasant prospect for any of you. At this point, many people decide that selling the home they love is the only option, and it will at least give them enough funds to rent a place until they can get back on their feet.

At Backer Homes, we’ve seen many, many families in this situation. But the good news is that we buy any home, in any condition, and we do it fast and offer cash. If you’re considering taking this step to stay afloat, simply call us or complete our online form here, and one of our specialists will be ready to help you move out of a difficult situation and into the next phase of your life.