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Inheriting property you don’t want to keep, or keep up

Inheriting a home may come as a surprise to many people — and sometimes, it’s an unwanted surprise. The home you inherit may be a thousand miles away, and you may not want to worry about the upkeep for a vacant house at a distance. Or it may be in such bad condition that you’ll need to make expensive repairs before you’d be able to put it on the market — and even then, it might remain unsold for a very long time.

At other times, the financial implications of inheriting a home are cause enough to want to get rid of it. If you have the mortgage transferred in your name, are the payments and taxes too high for you to comfortably take on? Would you be able to rent it out in its current condition but you don’t want the headaches that go along with being a landlord? What if you inherited the home with your siblings? You may all agree that you want to sell the house and split the proceeds among yourselves, but one or more of you may have an urgent financial need and can’t wait until the property is put on the market and finally sold.

We have the solution to your problem. At Backer Homes, we’ve helped many people who have found themselves in the same unwanted situation. We’ll buy your home, regardless of where it is or what condition it’s in. Simply fill out the form here, and we’ll provide you with a non-binding cash offer and relieve you of the burden you didn’t expect — and especially didn’t want.