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Fire damage

Thankfully, most homeowners will never experience a fire. But when it does happen — especially if you’re planning to sell your home — the damage can be catastrophic. Minor damage, such as a small kitchen fire, is usually fairly easy to repair and not especially costly.

But a large fire leaves behind a heavily damaged home and an expensive, ongoing problem. While much of the damage will be visible, a fire can also damage pipes, the electrical system, insulation, and the roof. And you may need to hire an engineer to be sure the fire hasn’t affected the foundation, because even a concrete slab can be damaged by fire. In addition, any fire damage will need to be disclosed to potential buyers of your property.

If you’re not prepared to take on the financial challenges of repairing your fire-damaged home, but you still want to sell it, there’s good news: We’ll buy your house from you and make the repairs ourselves. At Backer Homes, we understand what’s involved in turning a charred, smoky mess into a charming residence. You won’t have the trouble or expense of making extensive repairs, and we’ll make sure everything is done right before we put the house back on the market. Simply fill out our form here, and we’ll provide you with a fair, non-binding cash offer that will let you move on to the next home of your dreams.