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Family disruptions

Marriage and divorce are a fact of life today, and the changes they bring are substantial. Perhaps you’re getting married, and you both own homes. Unless you plan to keep them both — and pay two mortgage payments every month — you’ll probably be looking to sell either home or both of them and buy a larger new home for the two (or more) of you.

Or perhaps you’ve decided it’s best to go your separate ways. In this case, what do you do with your home? Do you want to sell the house and split the proceeds? Will one (or both) of you need to rent a home for the short or long term?

We understand what you’re going through, whether it’s the happy occasion of coming together as one new family or the less happy event of a divorce. But at Backer Homes, we have helped families just like you over the past decade, and we’re here to help you, too. Simply complete our contact form here, and you’ll be one step closer to taking that all-important larger step toward your future.