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When there’s a death in the family

This already difficult time is often made harder for surviving family members when the deceased was the sole homeowner. If the owner had a will, the family knows who will take over the house; that person, however, may not want the responsibility and will choose to sell it. Still, determining who will care for the home until the title is legally transferred is important. Until the title transfer, family members are normally prohibited from selling the home.

If the sole homeowner died intestate — that is, without a will — matters are complicated even further, especially if the homeowner died leaving behind unpaid debts. In such cases, the house may be sold or auctioned to pay off the debts. Unfortunately, many families find out the hard way that the death of their loved one brings numerous unexpected financial problems.

At Backer Homes, we understand the complexities involved when a homeowner dies, and we’re here to help you. We have extensive experience in family issues such as these, and we can guide you through the process compassionately and fairly. Simply call us or complete our online form here, and one of our specialists will be available to help you in this difficult time.