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When your property needs costly repairs

As many homeowners have found out, what seem like simple repairs can be deceptive. You may think a new coat of paint will take care of that wood siding, but a closer inspection may reveal more extensive damage from harsh weather or even termites. Or you may live in an area prone to sinkholes, and what you thought was a small crack in an outside wall turns out to be much more serious when you attempt to plaster it over. If you’re lucky, your insurance covers sinkholes, but if not, you’re on the hook for what will likely be a huge expense.

Maybe you’re standing in the kitchen one morning waiting for the coffee maker to be done and you realize that the stove seems to be tilting to one side — and the floor creaks when you walk over there. Or you take a shower and notice water seeping under the shower curb. Worse, maybe you notice all of these things on the same day.

Selling a home quickly is difficult enough, but selling a home in need of serious repairs can be nearly impossible. The good news is that Backer Homes buys homes in any condition, even those that need extensive work. Just call us or fill out our contact form here, and we’ll provide a non-binding cash offer for your house that will let you walk away from your problem property and leave the work — and the expense — to us.