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Tenant problems

We’ve all heard the horror stories. You rent your home to a nice couple who seem perfectly charming when you meet them. And after a few months, or even years, their rent comes a couple of days late. And then it starts coming later and later. Then one month it doesn’t arrive at all. You go to your house to check on them, and they’re gone — they’ve moved out.

But your property is a mess. The landscaping hasn’t been kept up and the lawn is nothing but weeds. There’s garbage and broken bottles all over the backyard, and inside the house is even worse. Your lovely couple appear to have been drunken brawlers: holes punched in walls, your expensive wood flooring ruined, damp, moldy spots on the carpeting. The bedroom has been repainted, too, and it’s black.

We understand the frustration of the homeowners who find their rental properties trashed: the thought of expensive repairs with the home off the market until the home can be fully restored to the original condition. But we have a better solution. At Backer Homes, we’ve been helping landlords just like you to avoid the cost and the time involved — and the loss of rental income — by buying their unlivable homes. Simply call us or complete our form here, and we’ll provide you with a non-binding cash offer that will rid you of your problem property, and the headaches that go with it.